With the BottleRoom 3 app, you immediately begin to receive and search fun, VIP offers and valuable savings based on your preferences every time you shop for beer, wine or spirits.


A better, more personalized way to discover great new products and amazing deals at your favorite neighborhood liquor store. Think of us as a VIP room stocked with exclusive offers just for the BR3 crowd.


Go ahead, raise a glass. Let’s toast the discounts, deals and promotions delivered right to your fingertips by BottleRoom 3. An app for celebrating, worth celebrating!


About Us

Offers that stand out.

Fun, easy, accessible. We’re an app that gives customers, liquor stores and manufacturers a new reason to celebrate.

BottleRoom 3 is a smart, new way to access VIP discounts, deals, and promotions on beer, wine and spirits. We help customers discover great new products and save money. We help stores increase revenue, drive cross-sales and build customer loyalty. We make it possible to highlight unique selling points and impact decision making at the very moment selections are being made.

By placing specific items in a virtual limelight, we literally cut through the clutter and distraction of sign sprawl in stores. Customers unlock exclusive offers based on preferences, and favor products promoted in our app. Every time customers visit participating stores, they receive more great reasons to use and share the BottleRoom 3 app.

We keep you in great beer, wine and spirits!

  • VIP discounts, deals and promotions

    Your virtual VIP room with valuable savings and great new products every time you shop at participating stores. The more you use and share the app, the better the savings and experience!

  • Better in-store customer experience

    BottleRoom 3 products literally stand out from the sign-sprawl environment of liquor stores. We’ll keep you in great beer, wine and spirits every time you shop!

  • Valuable customer rewards program

    Happy shoppers are repeat shoppers. Our customer rewards program continually delivers great reasons for you to use and share the app, and builds loyalty with your neighborhood liquor stores.

  • Smart product promotion management

    BottleRoom 3 products overcome the overwhelm of the liquor store aisle. Shoppers save time and money, stores save on clutter, and the best deals are quickly delivered and redeemed. Let’s toast to a win-win!

What people are saying

Beer-Lovin’ Man

Living in CO, I look for any excuse to try a new craft beer. Sounds like this app will make suggestions I’ll love based on the preferences I’ve entered with the bonus of some pretty sweet deals. I’m in!

Beer-Lovin’ Man
Beverage-Designing Woman

I like to combine unique, seasonal ingredients with quality spirits for gourmet, off-the-menu style beverages. I’m looking forward to testing this app to see what kinds of new products it recommends.

Beverage-Designing Woman
Thirsty College Student

This app gives me discounts, deals and promotions on pretty much anything I can buy at the liquor store. Limited budgets won’t limit big game weekends.

Thirsty College Student
Frequent Entertainer

We love to entertain and burst at the seams with friends and family several times a year. That we can save on quality beer, wine and spirits every time we visit a participating liquor store means we’ll definitely be searching out your stores, and hopefully saving a lot!

Frequent Entertainer