Welcome to BottleRoom 3

You could say we’re a virtual VIP room stocked with exclusive offers just for the BR3 crowd.

We’re fun, easy, accessible. An app that gives customers, liquor stores and manufacturers a new reason to celebrate.

BottleRoom 3 is a smart, new way to access VIP discounts, deals, and promotions on beer, wine and spirits.

We help customers discover great new products and save money. We help stores increase revenue, drive cross-sales and build customer loyalty. We make it possible to highlight unique selling points and impact decision making at the very moment selections are being made.

By placing specific items in a virtual limelight, we literally cut through the clutter and distraction of sign sprawl in stores. Customers unlock exclusive offers, try new products, and favor options promoted in our app…

Reasons to celebrate BR3

Better in-store customer experience
Valuable customer rewards/loyalty program
Easier product promotion coupon tracking
Faster coupon reimbursement