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Reach out and directly influence consumer buying decisions.Contact us to qualify.


We offer a never-seen-before app that enables distributors to promote their represented brands with brand or product-specific V.I.P. deals. Even products sit on the bottom, least accessible shelves can now be spotlighted… without increasing cost to the consumer, to the brand, or to you.This is why we are unique: Our deals only last the duration of a single shopping trip. And they are personalized recommendations to each consumer. The consumer is compelled to try new products on every visit knowing that tomorrow that particular deal may be replaced by a new one.What’s more, BottleRoom 3 analyzes the preferences, purchasing behavior of each consumer, demographics, etc. to determine the product recommendations each consumer might be interested in.The BottleRoom 3 app then guides consumers to those products. Products you represent. Products with your discounts. You dictate the specs.You can now directly impact consumer purchasing decisions right in the store!To provide you with even better control, we offer three types of campaigns:Push – to get as many people buying your product as possibleAcquire – targeting people who buy your competitor’s products to increase your market share without spending valuable marketing dollars on customers who typically purchase your brand. (available after phase 2 pilot)Retain – target customers who do typically purchase your brand, but not to lose them to the competition. This allows you to focus your deals and prioritize where your marketing dollars are spent. (available after phase 2 pilot)We are launching our Phase 1 Pilot only to retail liquor stores. But we are looking for distributor input and qualified distributors for our Phase 2 Launch.Please contact us to see if you’re qualified for our Phase 2 Launch.Click to Qualify