Northstar Liquor Superstore

Intro blurb with address, phone and URL

Use the "Images and Links" tab above to add an image of the front of the store (from whereever) and then the other image for a splash page.

The trick is to make sure all the intro images are the same size (& resolution) and all the splash images are the same size & resolution.

Everything above the READ-MORE (right above this line) will go on the page that shows all the stores and everything below this will be on the full page of the store.

And don't be shy about adding more pictures.  Just use to compress the pictures.

BTW, James will be going to take pictures of the front of the store that we can use.

It'd be good to have a standard layout that's automatically created, but first need to figure what info we'd have available and then how we want to show it.



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