Intern: Social Media Analyst

Join the beginning of a start up that's taking off, have the opportunity to make a difference and get to network with marketing managers in a variety of companies. Become part of the team.


The position will work with our internal staff and client marketing managers to manage social media accounts. This includes (but not limited to):

  • obtaining and scheduling posts across our social media accounts
  • working with clients to share materials, follows, mutual campaigns
  • responding to comments, likes, invites, etc
  • create pages for sites to coincide with posts (using our CMS - training will be provided)
  • identifying influencers and establishing partnerships
  • reviewing analytics and creating reports

Additional tasks can include: instagram/facebook/google ad management, A/B testing, assist in growth opportunities.

As a start-up, there is always more to do and additional opportunities are likely.

Key requirements are:

  • Hard worker
  • Self Starter
  • Looking forward to a career in social media marketing
  • Smart
  • Classes in marketing, analytics, social media, etc.
  • Experience in these areas is preferred but not essential

It'll be a lot of hard work, but an experience of a lifetime to be in early on the story of a unicorn.

This is a part-time position - working remote.

The advantage of course is great experience and connecting with marketing managers at our clients.

The disadvantage is it is currently an unpaid position.

The final point is we do not have social media experts on staff, so you would need to take advantage of outside opportunities to learn as well as learning from the marketing managers you will get to work with





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