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Acquiring new customers has never been so fun or easy

We offer a never-seen-before app for liquor stores that promotes individual stores, such as yours, by providing consumers with store-specific V.I.P. deals. BottleRoom3 can actually help increase your revenue per square foot by gaining better use of shelf space. All of your shelf-space can become prime shelf space!

This is why we are unique: BottleRoom 3 can drive customers to your store. Why? Our deals only last the duration of a single shopping trip. And they are specific to an individual customer. Your customer is compelled try new products on every visit to your store, knowing that tomorrow any particular deal may no longer be offered.

What’s more, By delivering individualized deals to consumers, BR3 is essentially a personal shopper–guiding each consumer to the discounts, to new products, and even to closeouts. But the best part, you can dictate their path. BottleRoom 3 will not only help your wine consumers find a great deal but also encourage them to pick up a bottle of Scotch.

You set up the deals by utilizing our simple to use “Deal Manager”–a streamlined portal that allows you to cater deals to the products on which you wish to focus. And you can do this all on your schedule. Create your deals just once at setup, annually, quarterly or even hourly: all based upon your preference. It is your preference.

Getting more customers into your liquor store with personal service
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BottleRoom 3 is a smart new way for you to forge stronger connections with more consumers by helping you deliver your recommendations, discounts, deals, and promotions on beer, wine, and spirits. We'll help your store increase revenue, drive cross-sales, and build customer loyalty.

We will provide:

  • Simplified, headache-free product promotion
  • New product spotlights that don't take up floor space
  • Increased sales with advanced consumer acquistion, loyalty, and cross-selling
  • Manufacturer promotions to help increase store sales
  • Greater effectiveness and control of coupon redemption and tracking
  • Information to allow for better decision making related to store shelf space and campaign promotions


The more deals you create, the more sales we can personalize for your consumers. Your store will be included in the BottleRoom 3 mobile app, an exclusive marketing and promotion opportunity.


Just as you are trying to bring more customers into your store, each of your suppliers is trying to attract customers to their products. Enable them to use their marketing dollars to reach your customers.

Getting more customers into your liquor store with personal service, supplier marketing dollars and the BottleRoom 3 app

Sign up now and offer your customers personalized service.

Personalized service that gets more customers into your store.

And provide the opportunity for distributors to offer incentives to save your customers money.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $189.00



We saw the problem.

Consumers want to try new products.

Stores want to provide better customer service.

Suppliers want you to try their products.

But it wasn't working.

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