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            There was huge success with one of our beer suppliers offering a Spotlyte deal on their products. Having that consistency really improved how they were able to get their beer into the customers hand. With that being said, all those awesome beer people should consider taking advantage of this great opportunity.

One note for you is if you do decide to run a Spotlyte deals, make sure it is a higher dollar amount than what you already offer. For example, if you usually offer $2 off then increase it to $3. Also, we have seen that the amount of time is very important here. Anything longer than one week will lose that velocity, we reccommend only offering for a week. Don't worry you usual deals will continue after this week has ended. Differentiate your brand from others on our app and get your beer to the customers hand.


            Understand what your products are selling for and think of price levels. When offering a deal try to bring your product to the price level below what you are in. Of course, it does not make sense to offer a $15 off deal. Instead work as close as possible, meaning get the retail price closer to that lower price point. Remember a consumer will spend a little extra when they utilize a deal. 


            Selling wine is quite the challenge, applause to all those successful at it. Personally this process needs to be made simple. Focus on brand recognition. What I have seen is that when consumers are making their decision the check the label and if they know the brand they get a bottle. So how to draw new people to yours? Get deals on two products, one that is your high end and one on the low end (price point). That way a customer has two options to choose from. The psychology behind this is simple: a customer locates your high end wine, thinks it’s too expensive, then locates the other and decides “Okay I can do this”. Now they have seen two bottles AND two labels. Like said in the beginning of this paragraph the customer will recognize the label and purchase another bottle of your wine.

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