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As many can see there is both "selected" and "redeemed" rows on each monthly report. Most, exclusivly, look at just the redeemed row and move on. It is important to start utilizing BOTH of these data points in order to continue to grow your business. 


You've downloaded the BottleRoom 3 app, and saved your profile and preferences, so now what?

Walk into any participating liquor store, and select "Get My Deals". You receive great deals and serious discounts that are selected just for you.

Welcome to the BR3 VIP crowd!


Up to 15 different VIP offers will be made available, five for each category of beer, wine and spirits. As you make your selections, the glass to the left of each deal will be highlighted, indicating your choice(s) for checkout. Perhaps you keep shopping, maybe stock up or even try something new. Just be certain to take note of the timer–BR3 deals expire if you delay too long.


Your cart and arms are full! Touch the cart icon to check out with your cashier. Selected products will appear with barcodes on the last screen view. Simple! Easy deals with an easy checkout.

You came, you saw, you saved big.

And more! BR3’s rewards program is in now in full effect.


The redemption row is fairly straight up. This lists the the number of people who have purchased the product with a deal from the BottleRoom 3 app. Although this is a very important data point to notice it doesn't say too much. Take for example a liquor store consumer who always purchases the same product each time they shop. One day they are shopping and download the app and see that the same product is being offered with a discount. What does this tell you? Really nothing, except one person is loyal to your brand.

The selected row is a data point that can show how your brand is being viewed in a specific geographical location. The challenge here is why did the consumer not take advantage of the deal and purchase your product. For example, a BottleRoom 3 user selects a deal, locates the product, and last minute decides not to pull through. The selected row can help you understand a buyer right at the time that they are making their decision. Being able to see, review, and understand this will help your sales, marketing, and business as a whole.

Yes, it is easy to see how many people are purchasing your product and redeeming deal each month. The more important thing is being able to understand exactly how many consumers have your product in mind while making their decision. Utilizing the selected row in the monthly report can help focus sales and marketing to capture new consumers.


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