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The demand for wine has been decreasing since 2017, with the shift moving towards spirits. Wine category as a whole had high hopes for 2020 until depletion rates dropped to -1.4% in April, down 0.8% from March. Spirits on the other hand had jumped to a depletion rate of 7.2%, up an even 1%. Note that both of these figures cover both on and off premise sales.

After being shut down for, some, 15 months and then continuing to do business pre 2019 is the biggest challenge of them all; no servers selling wine. Now and for the past year, all wine companies are having to sell directly to consumer. Pre-pandemic servers gave wonderful full dining experiences and would recommend wine. People left their dining experience with more knowledge and could make informed decisions on the variety of wines in liquor stores. Now there are very knowledgeable liquor store employees who can help consumers find the right wine; unfortunately this is can only happen one consumer at a time.

So what are wine companies going to do? How can you reach more consumers and get the message directly to them? By utilizing the BottleRoom 3 app not only can the wine bottle be located in the store, but there can also be a description of the wine; notes, pairings, history, or whatever message you are trying to get across. Easily have access to liquor store consumers and get them to your wine. 


Getting more customers into your liquor store with personal service, supplier marketing dollars and the BottleRoom 3 app



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