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It’s another sunny Thursday in Colorado. There’s just a couple of wispy white clouds in the blue sky and it’s so clear you can see a couple 14ers.  Mary’s in the car running errands and thinking about the “Girl’s Afternoon Tea” tomorrow on her deck.  She’s got to pick up a couple extra ingredients she forgot for the appetizers and a few bottles of wine – including a Merlot for Stella. It’s always something with Stella.

 Where to go?  There’s that big discount store with a billion choices. It’s cheaper, but it’s out of the way and kind of a pain to get in and out. Too nice of a day for that. There’s the store she always goes to. That’s fine, but…

Mary checks which stores she can use the BottleRoom 3 app.  With two touches, she sees there’s one she’ll be passing and is reminded about the store by the cleaners.  She’s going to the cleaners anyway and has been wanting to try that liquor store out.  Thanks BottleRoom 3 for getting that store to stand out.

Mary picks up her dry cleaning and checks to see they got the stains out of the yellow polka dotted dress – whew, all clean.  It is way too cute and perfect for the afternoon tea. Unfortunately it’s been ages since she wore it because of the tomato sauce spots – what was Stella thinking with having mini calzones exploding with tomato sauce at a cocktail party. It’s always something with Stella.

She walks into the store and clicks the BottleRoom 3 app to see what deals she’s going to win – winning is always more fun.  Excellent! Got a deal for Pinot she’s heard about. Perfect. Mary grabs a bottle (or so) of the Pinot and an extra one to test it tonight. It’s so nice out and she wants to be sure it’ll be OK for her friends.

Oh wait, a Merlot for Stella. Mary looks down and there’s a recommendation for that too.  It sounds good. It’s a little expensive (which is good for Stella), but with the deal Mary gets, it’s not bad at all.  She walks over and picks up a bottle of the Merlot.  There’s a guy there looking like a lost puppy trying to decide which wine to choose – what an idiot. He doesn’t get he VIP service that Mary gets. Mary gives him a little smile and motions to the bottle she’s buying.  The relief washes over his face with a thankful smile.  He reaches for a bottle. As Mary walks to check out, she thinks how nice she is helping out that guy (what an idiot – obviously not playing with a full stack of apps).

Mary checks out. Saves some money (and it’s always fun to save money).  Even gets rewards points (maybe this should be her go-to liquor store).  This is a beautiful day.  As she leaves, she looks back and sees the guy buying the Merlot she pointed out to him.  He gives her a nod and a big smile.  What an idiot.

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