Beer for Joe - Cross-Selling for Bigger Baskets

Joe is leaving work and gets a text from his wife. 


She says to get a couple of bottles of Shiraz on his way home. Her new friend from Pilates and her husband are coming over for dinner. She found out earlier that the chicken satay she planned is out because her friend’s husband has a peanut allergy.  So she has a new beef tip recipe but forgot the wine.

Oh yeah, that’s tonight. Glad she texted before he was on the road. No texting at all while driving – have to set a good example for his daughter, especially after her little fender-bender last month.

On the way home, Joe pulls into his new favorite liquor store with a smile on his face. It’s pretty close to home, and with the BottleRoom 3 app, he’s a VIP with the special deals he wins.

He goes over to the Shiraz section. There are so many.  Joe clicks the app and one from Australia is recommended. Joe thinks, “Why Not.” – he doesn’t know anything about Shiraz and the labels either look pretty cool or like the wine is really good.  He figures he better get three bottles (Pilates can work up a thirst).

Now to hurry home to help get the house ready.  Although, just out of curiosity, he checks what beer deals are recommended. Hey, there’s that chocolate porter with the cayenne pepper his buddy was talking about yesterday. It’s not on the list and he does need to get home right away, but….  It’ll probably be the only time he can save money on it – needs to use it or lose it. Plus, he’ll be helping get things ready for her friend so he deserves a little reward.  He hurries over to the cooler and finds it in a corner on the bottom shelf.

OK, have the wine, a little something something, a little extra money in his pocket, a great store, and got to run.  Things to do.  People to see.

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