Reach out and directly influence consumer buying decisions.

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Think beyond shelf space. Stand out.

Getting customers to try new products has never been so fun or easy

We offer a never-seen-before app that enables you to promote your brand and product-specific V.I.P. deals – directly to the consumer when they are making the buying decision!

Our App allows you to stand out from the crowded  on the shelf!

When a consumer walks into a store that subscribes to BottleRoom 3, they click the app to receive personalized deals for that visit. Rather than seeing a store crammed with products, they get a VIP room with a very limited product deal recommendations that have been personalized for them. This not only makes them aware of new products but encourages them to pick up your product rather than their usual, go-to purchase. This approach also encourages cross selling. While someone might be in the store to purchase a bottle of wine for dinner, they might see an IPA or new whiskey that peaks their interest too.  The key is the very limited number of personalized deals – it makes it simple.

How does it work? You define the deals you’d like to offer, the budget and we do the rest.

We analyze shopper preferences, buying behavior, demographic classifications, etc. to determine those customers that want your product (but just don’t know it yet).

To provide you with even better control, we offer three types of campaigns:

  1. Push – to get as many people buying your product as possible
  2. Acquire – targeting people who buy your competitor’s products to increase your market share without spending valuable marketing dollars on customers who typically purchase your brand. (available after phase 2 pilot)
  3. Retain – target customers who do typically purchase your brand, but not to lose them to the competition. This allows you to focus your deals and prioritize where your marketing dollars are spent. (available after phase 2 pilot)

We are launching our Phase 1 Pilot only to retail liquor stores. But we are looking for manufacturer input and qualified manufacturers for our Phase 2 Launch.

Please contact us to see if you’re qualified for our Phase 2 Launch.

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