With your products made available through BottleRoom 3, you and stores can offer consumers deals, as well as deal recommendations that encourage consumers to try something different.

Simply put, the information needed is the typical POS data, thumbnail & splash images, and a description to sell to the consumer.

Product Information

Product Name
Description Tell the product’s story.
Category Below are the list of our product categories. Consumers have the option of selecting which of these categories they prefer, and that is one of the factors used to determine which products to recommend to each consumer.
thumbnail Thumbnail image of the product that appears on the deal list page. This image should be 70x70px.
splash Splash image that appears on the product detail page. This image should be 450x200px.
size quantity Such as 750 (ml)
size unit Units to the quantity such as mL, 6 pack, etc.

Product Categories




Amber Dessert Brandy
Blonde Madeira Cognac
Brown Marsala Gin
Cream Other Liqueur
Dark Port Other
Fruit Sherry Rum
Golden Vermouth Scotch
Honey Red Tequila
Ice Cabernet Sauvignon Vodka
IPA Merlot Whiskey
Lager Other
Light Pinot Noir
Other Syrah
Pale Zinfandel
Pilsner Sparkling
Red White
Wheat Chardonnay
Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc