1. To allow for Category management (products sold by a business are broken down into discrete groups of similar or related products).

2.To grab customers’ attention so that they stop and think about what their product options are. When customers stop and think about an alternative product, it will potentially maximize revenue of the category.

3. Product visibility increases product velocity (product rotation).

4. In general, sales promotions increase revenue.  Sales let customers feel like they are getting a special deal, making customers happier.

How does Bottleroom 3 compare?

1. A store does not have to give a discount to customers who would have purchased the product regardless, maximizing margins.  Discounts are targeted.

2. We are shelf-space independent.  A store does not have to give up all prime shelf-space.

3. Customers get exclusive personalized deals.

4. We transform ALL shelf space to prime shelf space

5. If your Distributors can maximize THEIR product revenue, then your revenue is as well.