Supplier Pilot Plan - Offering $15 Discounts

With our new service, we're launching a free pilot for a limited time.

Join our FREE pilot to save money and start increasing sales!

Let's get to the details:

  1. Competitive intelligence report is a key tool to maximize the effect of your marketing/promotion/sales budgets

    Free competitive intelligence reports

    • we ask for your feedback to improve the reports so they can provide you with the most useful information to do your job.
    • future cost of the reports is to be determined.
    • You get the data to make more informed decisions
  2. Target the consumers who would like your product and stop throwing your money away on everyone else.

    Free consumer analysis to identify the consumers who would like your product

    • we do the hard work of determining which consumers would like your products based on their preferences, past purchasing history, artificial intelligence and a lot of work.
    • this maximizes your marketing/promotions budget to focus every penny on increasing market share and sales.
    • this is included in our regular service
    • You focus on everything else you need to do
  3. BottleRoom 3 recommendations incorporates a lot of science, call-to-actions, personalization and more to make your campaign as effective as possible.

    Get new consumers by our app recommending your products & your instant rebates (to the target consumers)

    • For our regular service, you'd define every aspect of a product campaigns, but for the FREE pilot:
      • define PUSH campaigns on all (or most) of your products
      • the dollar amount of the instant rebate for each product.
      • products are recommended at all participating stores during the pilot
    • Our app will recommend your product (& instant rebate) to consumers at participating stores (with all the science behind it to make it effective) and 3 call-to-actions
      • Save money & try something new
      • Use-It-Or-Lose-It - deals expire when they leave the store
      • Now-Or-Never - they may never see the deal again
  4. BottleRoom 3 handles getting, validating and reimbursing stores from your budget.

    The Whole Reimbursement Process

    Reimbursements are validated and processed by us for a small fee (15 cents a transaction).

The service is FREE!

The price is only for your instant rebates and a small reimbursement fee (15 cents). Any funds left in your budget at the end of the pilot will be refunded.

Fine Print:

The pilot is for a maximum of 3 months but may end early.

Entry into the free pilot program can end at any time. You can still participate in the service, but it will not be for free.

Any remaining budget will be refunded after reimbursements are processed.

There is a very good chance you'll get so many customers that your instant rebate budget will be exhausted before the end of the pilot. The ability to add to your budget and continue the free service may or may not be available.



Duration: 90 days
Price: $1,200.00



We saw the problem.

Consumers want to try new products.

Stores want to provide better customer service.

Suppliers want you to try their products.

But it wasn't working.

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